MOTION: That the Rudd Government immediately seek to legislate and/or to regulate to reverse the culture of virtually nil recycling of rubbish in Australian shopping malls and elsewhere, typified by the absence of separate waste bins for (a) food scraps, (b) paper and cardboard, (c) plastics and (d) glass containers, to maximise actual recycling from so-called “Food Halls” and other “Fast Food” outlets.


It should be obvious to all and sundry shoppers that vast quantities of unsorted waste packaging and food scraps are being delivered daily to landfill rubbish tips. Chemical reactions in such repositories inevitably result in lots of nasty and toxic substances leaching into water tables. Considering that most Australians have been trained to recycle their waste at home then it is illogical not to apply the same rules to the rulers of shopping malls and stand-alone fast food outlets and the like. Why is it that shopping mall owners and fast food proprietors can get away with such gross environmental irresponsibility, unless corruption arising from political donations prevents governments legislating for compliance with the nation’s norms?

Does one rule apply to the people while another rule applies to the big time donors to political coffers? Yep.


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