MOTION: That the Rudd Government immediately seek to require all State Governments to immediately apply regimes of monetary deposits and refunds on all drink containers similar to the successful system which has operated effectively for decades in South Australia to encourage increased recycling.


“Clean Up Australia campaigner, Ian Kiernan and many other prominent Australians have advocated such a course of action to minimise the amount of rubbish that traditionally, has been carelessly dumped into the environment at large. The record shows that the amount of wilfully discarded drink containers is much lower in SA. For more details, visit the following story.

South Australia’s deposit/refund of 5c which began in 1977 was recently lifted to 10c to enhance the degree of recycling in that state. So what has prevented the other States emulating that admirable program? Where is responsible government elsewhere in Australia? Could it be that political donations from shopping mall kings have influenced adversely and undemocratically, what should be common sense, responsible government? Would it be due to corruption or stupidity? Which could it be?


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