Howard said that he “Will do nothing to trash the Liberal Party’s future”. Juxtapose that sentiment with those of Menzies when he founded the Liberal Party in 1945. In the historical context, Howard would have to be odds-on favourite to be seen to have entrenched its demise as a democratic-liberal party. History tells us that Menzies’ motive in delivering Australia to the Vietnam War was to enhance Australia’s position as a strong ally of the USA and so to garner increased support for the defence of Australia against Indonesia’s territorial expansionist attitudes and therefore, virtuous? The brainwashing at home ran along the lines that the “Commoes had to be stopped, no matter what”. The overt cover for that of course was the “Communist Domino Theory”, which was no more than an excuse from the armaments’ manufacturers (aka the military-industrial complex) to start another long saga war. BS reigned supreme then, as it does today. Today governments have no problem trading happily with the Communist government of Vietnam and the totalitarian government of China whose human rights violations attract Western lip service but no serious action.

The Commo Domino Dare has been replaced with the likes of Bush & Cohorts effectively declaring that “Unless we defeat the terrorists over there, we will be fighting them on our own soil” – it’s the same spiel in favour of war using different words. The terrorists did not operate in Iraq until Bush, Blair and Howard blundered inwards. Less than sagacious were GWB’s arguments (and thus those of Howard) for the Iraq War 2003. The argument that Islamic extremist terrorists (by any convenient title) had to be stopped by invading Iraq was a complete furphy – Saddam Hussein ensured that sectarian extremists were kept under control. In effect, Blair, Bush and Howard turned them loose. Consequently, “The War on Terror” as being fought in Iraq today was created by GWB and cohorts under the banner of democracy, but more likely for reasons of (a) satisfying the military-industrial complex’s need for long running military action to be paid for from Iraq’s oil reserves and (b) keeping the US economy bubbling along on oil money repatriated via the never-ending reconstruction of Iraq by US companies. It made economic sense to GWB. Howard went along for the ride for personal reasons – memoirs and bigger images in history no doubt. But in the process of exercising his egomania, he dragged Australia by the short and curlies into an unwanted war that has exacerbated the problem of Islamic extremist terrorism.

Despite being annihilated at the 2007 polls, Howard still wants everyone to believe that he made the correct decision in relation to Iraq 2003 and that the Australian populace got it wrong! Ho! Ho! Ho! If the invasion of Iraq had been actually predicated upon the humanitarian need for deposing a brutal dictator, then how come the US did nothing to stop China annexing Tibet and effectively does nothing to stop human rights abuses in China? No oil in Tibet worth chasing - of course not? Compare that scenario with Brendon Nelson OL’s testament to the oil supply protection rationale for the Iraq War? Check out the ABC's report:

Organised Religion is just as bad as our Government when it comes to seeking “Peace on Earth”. For idiotic reasons, Christianity’s Popes and Archbishops and like minded Pollies, pontificate from their thrones in Fairy Land. If peace per se can only be achieved via a war, then there will never be peace except as defined by a war. So what is the point of praying for peace, when the proponents know well that doing so is worse than a waste of time – anyone trying to convince the masses that prayer will have any effect is either dangerously deluded or an unconscionable liar. Praying to God or Jesus or Mohammed to provide peace on Earth is the biggest con job of all eternity. If religious dudes were to shed their power mongering, to shed their self aggrandising hubris to be practical and realistic, then they would be campaigning for a specific vote of the masses on any mooted war.

That is the only way that undemocratic war mongering political leaders can be prevented committing the nation to a war totally unnecessarily. The fact that organised religious leaders avoid calling upon their subjects to rise up to demand a specific vote on war or not-war is that their silence is tantamount to implicit support for wars – especially upon competing organised religions such as Islam. Praying for peace as a supposedly realistic option is pure unadulterated BS. If Pope Benedict XVI were to come to Sydney’s gala World Youth Day Conference purposefully, to call for “A Specific Vote for all for Peace on Earth”, then he might begin to influence global outcomes in the direction of actual peace. Otherwise the ongoing brainwashing that characterises Organised Religion, that maintains the power of the oligarchy of the churches and the absurd shams of prayer to solve global problems, will be about as useful as banning condoms to cure HIV Aids or to alleviate poverty in the Third World.

If the Liberal Party in opposition fails to reform to embrace the democratic change that Howard shunned, then achieving government by default is set to continue. A revised manifesto would entail new BS of course, but the same old hunger for undemocratic power would remain. The reality of the grotesque political and economic inefficiency of the partial retro-accountability of an election loss being equated to “Robust Parliamentary Democracy” would continue. The stagnant river of the political status quo would continue to be defined in terms of democracy, democracy and more democracy by both major parties and OZ Media.

Despite top Liberal Pollies such as Howard & Costello ranting and raving about the need for economic reform during their decade of razor gangsterism, for railroading economic efficiency, for fearless fiscal responsibility, for supposedly responsible government, H&C doggedly refused to apply the principles of economic rationalism to politicians and to government. In effect H&C were simply acting out watered-down versions of Zimbabwe Mugabe’s disastrously undemocratic regime – where one rule for the masses and another rule for the establishment prevails? That power corrupts has been obvious in Australia, as it has been in the USA or anywhere else in supposedly Western Democracies. It is only a matter of degree.

The endless claims by Liberal Andrew Robb MP for example, that Australia is a “Robust Parliamentary Democracy” denies the reality that ideologically driven legislation with less than majority support, often was forced through the Federal Senate by the Howard Government with impunity. The endless retinue of democracy, democracy, democracy claimants effectively deny that the Federal Constitution has a major flaw, which is that any government has the unmitigated power to commit Australia to wilfully irresponsible and insane wars such as the Vietnam War or the Iraq War 2003 on contentious and spurious grounds without any democratic redress whatsoever. Despite Howard having been proven wrong on his and GWB’s assessment of the short-term prospects for peace in Iraq, Howard persists with claiming aburdly that he knew best all along.

In the beginning, Howard was wrong. In the middle, Howard was wrong. And Howard continues to be seen to be wrong, but his hubris is of such a magnitude, that he cannot believe that his ego stuffed him up badly. If Howard’s irrational performance on Iraq is not a sufficiently good reason for instituting a specific binding “Yes or No?” vote of the electorate to obtain a much  broader spectrum view and thus a more rational outcome, then what would - more of the same egomania that persistently characterises Howard and Bush? Committing the nation to a war should be a profoundly considered and responsible action of the entire nation, rather than a decision vested in the undemocratic interests of a special clique. Any government’s secret Cabinet papers that have to be locked away for 30 years before being made available to public scrutiny is testament to the BS ego-driven decision making that occurs under the auspices of “Executive Privilege”. Consequently, the tyranny that characterises bipartisan support for the often professed “Right of governments to govern” is set to increase unless one of the major parties opts for actual democratic change by way of a specific vote of the people on (a) all mooted wars and (b) on major controversial legislation.

Branch stacking is at the root of all political evil and is the precursor to undemocratic government. Political factions serve no useful purpose other than to serve the personal power ambitions of individuals within the factions. Mutual back scratching by power mongers is not the harbinger of democracy. The public perception that the branch stacking that stems from factional power mongering has been and continues to be as prevalent in the Liberal Party as it is in the Labor Party, is very real. As to how either party could justifiably claim that undemocratic factional power mongering within their respective branches is a sound premise for the practise of “Robust Democracy” in government is absurd. Never the less, that reality represented Howard’s best shot at maintaining the political status quo after his political execution. “No democratic change needed thanks?” Ho! Ho! Ho! Never-the-less, Howard is seeking resurrection and a heavenly far-right experience via the US spruiking circuit, to justify his mistakes which will be glorified in his memoirs as the virtues of undemocratic hubris.

A relevant quote from Abraham Lincoln is that, “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.” But of course that was long before George Orwell’s time. Persistent brainwashing today via OZ Media ensures that overt public sentiment becomes aligned with what the two major parties claim is in the national interest. To date, political brainwashing to the effect that, “Nothing better than what we’ve got could possibly exist”, has actually succeeded in preventing the masses uprising, ah lah the French Revolution. Persistent brainwashing works. Apparently, that is all that matters to the major parties. “Whatever it takes to win” was Labor power broker Graham Richardson’s dictum. Critical overt public sentiment doesn’t count in the political arena because it can be ignored with the complements of OZ Media. The cynicism of the thinkers in the public domain can also be ignored with impunity under the banner of “Freedom of speech to be ignored”. Howard dissenters were always dismissed with the platitude that all have had the democratic right to be declared wrong and to be ignored. Howard was a master of the genre.

Public apathy has been created by the intransigence of our two-party preferred system refusing to countenance actual democratic change. As a direct result the average punter knows that the system is too big to beat and for the most part, they have given up trying to make a difference. Only a few maverick politicians bother to challenge the status quo wisdom shovelled into the mouths of the gullible via television. None of the large circulation newspapers utter the slightest serious dissent. The actual tyranny increases as more and more local newspapers get swallowed up by the major conglomerates. Local newspaper editors lose their independence when they have bigger masters to whom they must answer. Thus, once-independent voices that may have challenged the political status quo can be suppressed more easily by the political establishment as genetic variability diminishes. And so, the oligarchy of vested interests that controls the political agenda clearly intends to remain entrenched, seriously unchallenged. 

One of Edmumd Burke’s famous aphorisms is particularly relevant, All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. If that sentiment does not apply equally to Saddam Hussein and to George Bush with whom Howard and Blair remain stubbornly allied, then what would? They all have a hell of a lot of innocent blood on their hands, but such certainty would not be politically correct at home. Penned during 18C, today’s version of Burke’s prognosis would be more aptly paraphrased as follows: “All that is necessary for the triumph of undemocratic government over the people is for the Opposition and OZ Media to do nothing.”

Today, our politicians spout the “democracy, democracy, democracy” spiel with relentless frequency, tantamount to brainwashing. Clearly, everyone who does likewise has a vested interest in maintaining the political status quo. Our politicians persistently avoid democratic change. In so doing they support a severely corrupted political system. A pox on them! Our Pollies’ plague is democratic change. The fount of democratic political leadership, morality and ethical wisdom has been stripped from our Pollies’ motivation.


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